Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Paper Making Workshop at The Arthouse

Today I helped run a paper making workshop at the Art House in Wakefield. Martin, also of the Hope House Prints collective, often makes his own paper to use in his printmaking work and during the 3-hour workshop we showed a small group of people how easy (and fun!) it was to do it themselves. All of the participants seemed really enthusiastic about the process and it's possibilities, with a few trying to figure out how to continue at home- once you have the deckle and the mould you really can do it anywhere, even your kitchen sink. Above are a few photographs of the end results, hung up to dry (in around 24 hours they will peel easily off of the cloth). The tonal changes were created by adding natural dyes such as beetroot, turmeric and coffee to the cotton linter pulp and many also added inclusions such as dried petals, leaves and torn paper to decorate their sheets. The Art House is a fantastic resource for Yorkshire-based artists, with studios (I got to peek at the lovely studio of printed textile artist Laura Slater), workshop facilites and exhibition space. I'm looking forward to heading back soon!

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